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Milwaukee Business Leader Launches Women Owned Business to Bridge Gap between Staffing and Consulting Milwaukee, WI - January 23, 2014

Lisa Ko, a long time business consultant in the Milwaukee area, is pleased to announce the opening of KO Partners. KO Partners will focus on providing technical and business consulting in the new workforce model, providing specialized skilled consultants working with our customer's core direct employees as an extension of their organization.

According to Lisa KO, President and Founder of KO Partners, "There are many staffing firms and consulting firm to choose from, but few that can bring the continuity of a team based approach leveraging the strengths of both types of services." Why is that important? According to Lisa, "Clients want someone to be a true extension of their organization and leverage past experiences to avoid the pitfalls and mitigate the risks of complex technologies and project delivery. KO Partners can and has done that. We can also react and be as nimble as a staffing firm when and if needed."

About KO Partners KO Partners, a Milwaukee based, woman-owned business, specializing in Business and Technology consulting services around Resource Acquisition and Optimization, Program/Project Planning and Management, Enterprise Application Integration and Master Data Management.

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